Friday, February 13, 2009

VaLeNTiNe'S 'n' TaGs :** !

awaaaal shaaay i wana wish u all a HAPPY VALENTINES oo may all ur days are filled with joy and love and happiness.. :* !! mwaaah love u all.. SHARE THE LOVE !!!!! ;)

oo now 7g il tags.. :P the "GRUMPY" tag.. :P i've been tagged by:

here its goes.... **GRUMPY TAG**

The rules are as followed:

1.Put a picture of any grumpy person.

2.Then Mention 3 things that are just abnormal.

a) za7maaat il amakin how crowded places are. !! its just annouying !!!!

b) when entering a place with a handicapped kilmaaan ee5iz.. !! ta7mdaaaw rabkum bs oo la it5zoooon ;@

c) shbaab wearing skinny jeans !! uuurrrgggghhhhh eenarfiz !!!!!! wai3 ! mu2rfeeen...

3.Two things that irritate you.

a) naas il 7anaaa !!!

b) when ppl lie ashkaraaaa !!!

4.One trigger to your anger.

mmm.... laman a7aad ee5ar3nii oo ana maderi aw ee6afrnii... !! a39ib 77aaaiiilll !

5.Three people you can't live without.

a) o5oooy

b) umiiii

c) pretty oo precious o glamourus :** !

6.Two of people you don't want to see.

a) mudaris music !!! widii athba7aaa every time i see !!!

c) mmmmm bs :P

7.One of your favorite foods.

a) 7aleeeb kaakaw :P oo mcdonalds

8.Three of your favorite songs.

a) seed il 3athara - rashed il majed

b) la zad - majeed

c) mm... o seeeba :P

Tag only 5 people:

Ps: this is totally random...


Pa7NaSS said...

mudaris music LOOOL;p

happy valentines day;***

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

heheh.. yeah u know ishkither i hate him :P !!!!!!! hehehe.. allah y3eenii.. shaklii a5er youm bartkib jareema ibsibtaa.. :P !

Lost b2amreeka. said...

la zad is one of my favorites ay'6an!!

w omg I know wallah tinba6 chabdy when I'm pushing my mom on a wheel chair w adish somewhere and EVERYONE stares! yeh!!! shfekom?! widdi agawim my mom, point at the chair and go like WHEEEEL CHAIR!!! yalla golaw ma3ay WHEEL CHAIR!! familiarrr? noo?? yalla 5al a3arefkom,, WHEEL CHAIR!!!

hehe sorry I went a little psycho hehe (a)

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

lost b2amreeka:
ee eenarfzoooon.. !!!! my friend has sis who is on a wheel chair.. oo when they go sumwhere kilmaan ee5iz.. !!! ya3nii ishtaboon.. !!

hehe oo la 3aaadii.. :P le2na 9ij shaay eenarfiz...!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

happy feb 14th!! =)

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

thnx u 2 :* !!!

cuteness said...

hahaha 7ada mudaris music!!!!!!! waaaaai3 e8ith !

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

TELL ME ABOUT IT !!!! uurrghhh akrahaaaa.. HE IS SO ANNOUYING !!