Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i aDoRe ThiS RaSMa... ((PeNCiL SHaDiNG.. VaLue :P~ <=== intfalsaaf shwayaa))
KiNT BiL 9aF.. oo MiNDaMJa.. oo iL MoDaRiS Yi67an BRoo7a :p~ .. ((PeNCiL))

((PaiNT MaRKeR))

((PaiNT MaRKeR))...

HeRe i WaS iN a DaNCiNG MooD.. :P~ So i DReW THiS... ((aCRYLiC + PaiNT MaRKeR))

i THouGHT iT WouLD Be a GooD iNViTaTioN CaRD FoR 3iRs i5Tii.. Bs iT WaSN'T THe SaMe THeMe SHe WaNTeD... ((PoSTeR CoLoR + PaiNT CoLoR))

i DReW THiS WHiLe iN SHaLaiH... NoTHiNG To Do... :P !! ((PaiNT MaRKeR))

MaLa8aaT FiNaLs... !!! :P i DReW MY HaNDs... iT LooKs MaSCuLiNe.. :S !! ((PeNCiL DRaWiNG))

LoooL My HaND.. ;P~ ((PHoToGRaPHY + PHoToSHoP))


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

mahsallah ur very talented!
both in photography and drawing ;)

keep it up! =)

ps: welcome to the blogosphere! ;)

Glitter said...

3al baraka :-)

3ad kitbee lich cham sa6er!!


7aLeeB KaKaW said...

THNX.. MASHKOOORA :$:$: ;$ !!

tawnii new 3alla blogaat .. heheh

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

allah eebarik feech.. :P

i just added kalaaam.. oo i dont know wat to add ba3ad min kalaaam... ** FYI i am not talented as u in kitabaa.. ;) !